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It's astounding how shitty people can become under the guise of "that's how the REAL world is"

lmao that thing about the hacked chastity belt is real

I loath my ISP. They have made things difficult for me at every possible opportunity

my class has a whole ass domain with a login/account system and surprise surprise, it doesn't work :linux:

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Pushed to master and closed 60 tabs, good night


Someone is wretching loudly in a nearby building

Maybe I've been doing too much functional programming but Go's context.Context is like a crappy monad

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is it gay to spit? You really ejecting as if from the mouth. 😔😳

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thinking about running my own discourse server, but I don't want to upgrade my vps

Great gatsby 

I must've cliff noted this book pretty hard bc I don't remember, at all, the part where Tom was a white supremacist

Personal ~ 

It just occurred to me that I was good at public speaking as a kid bc of the school counselor that helped me learn english. I thought I was just Good at Speaking and feeling kinda down lately bc my reading has been terrible, but it's because I've had no practice whatsoever. Most of my reading is short form, math, or programming and I rarely read out loud

Mh - 

My brain is useless sometimes

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Graph theory is way too complicated for what amounts to a formal description of connect the dots

If I've learned anything from the past document leaks exposing financial crimes/wrongdoing, it's that absolutely nothing will change

Good sir, you must define the concept to my liking before I continue this unsolicited parley with you

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A small group of friends