Thinking about writing a brew-like package manager in Go. It'd have an embedded scripting language instead of being written in a scripting language. I don't think this is a particularly good idea, it's just stuck in my head

Has anyone been able to set up a cpu/auth server on raspberry pi? I would like to just connect to it with drawterm instead of switching between monitors

Hmm I actually have the rpi3, let's try 9front again

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Alrighty so I'll have to chose between 9front that doesn't actually boot and vanilla plan 9 that seems to have a broken fossil

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My head feels like that machine in cloudy w a chance of meatballs

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"Modules (reading list) for teaching undergraduates more about Silicon Valley, AI, and the military."

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university faculty rabbit hole, a thread

I have an intense desire to write a wiki program but no desire to actually write wiki pages

"this course is an opportunity to learn latex"

Introducing Johnny Tables' cousin: Eddie "Edge" Casé

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From The Life and Imagination of Sally Paul, 1760, the autobiography of a nonbinary person from London who worked as a sailor, and would dress in both men and women's clothing. The year their autobiography was published, they had married a woman as a man, under the name Samuel Bundy, been outed and arrested, and then freed because their wife refused to press charges. Only nine months later, they married again, this time to a man named William Kitchen, as a woman.

Automation is all fun and games until you actually have to do it

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I think I actually did it. A ternary search tree for paths with `*` and `:param` style wildcards

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