Someone should make a filesystem called Fine File System

luv 2 use my bloated ide, to create bloated web app, with a useless cloud service 🤙

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, but a queer org at my school is actually a national 501(c) that gets funding from like 4 major defense companies

I've tried understanding the plan9 one, but it was too closely coupled to the os and it's workings

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I wish there was a simple distributed authn standard/server

The social network (movie) has not aged well

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I appreciate namecheap's labeling their advanced search as "beast mode"

At least I know how to use parsers haskell

My first stream, come check it out!
I'm doing some programming :t_blink:

Am I the only one doing any of the reading holy fuck

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what the fuck is going on in this lecture

I did the same thing like 2 years ago and struggled so bad

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Did a coding challenge for an internship and it's literally just backtracking

Hmm considering moving to a more popular instance

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A small group of friends